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August 2013

Christmas Stocking - Louise

Designed and Handpainted by Rebecca Woods

18 mesh

Stitched by Louise F.

Newport Needlepoint, Costa Mesa CA.







The  background behind Louise's name is a diagonal basketfilling stitch adapted from Mary Rhodes book. 

We selected a single strand of white Flair for the two stitches over 3 intersections then filled the middle stitch over 2 with a single strand of white Water N Ice.

The name appears to be floating on snow.



The fur on the lady snowman is first stitched in the diagonal tent stitch every other row covering the vertical intersections with a single strand of white Vineyard Silk. 

Next, using a single strand of Vineyard Silk  place a colonial knot over the open intersections. 



Fine "faux" boullions are worked in a doubled length of yellow, gold and orange Flair. 

Thread in a #22 tapestry needle, place a waste knot off to the side.   Place a bargello tuck under every two to three boullions.

Next, come up half way up the yellow painted fire area with the yellow Flair doubled. Twist the thread close to the canvas,

continue to hold the twist and plunge the needle down thru the canvas where you want the yellow flames to start.

Continue this method completing all the yellow first, then the gold and finish with the orange. 


French knots on a stalk are worked in an overlapping techique to appear as snow puffs on each branch of the tree. 

Use a doubled length of white Flair, drag the knot on a stalk to the bottom area first, then overlap the next layer. 

The easiest way I have found to work this is to turn the canvas around so you are pushing the knot away from yourself.