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September 2013
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Tea Time

Designed and handpainted by Lani

18 mesh

Stitched by Fran B.

Aristeia-Santa Monica, CA.


This background is worked in single strand of Perle Coton #12.  Starting in each corner place vertical satin stitch over 9 canvas threads and continue stitching towards the teapot.  Do not share the holes along the side border stitch. However, the top and bottom share holes with the border stitch. Each background row shares holes with the last row.  Compensate along the sides and the center of the top and bottom. 


The teaspoon's background is worked with #12 Perle Coton in ecru and green to match the canvas.  

The stitch is a vertical satin stitch over six threads stitching six up and six down while changing the colors where the canvas is painted. 

Excluding the inside of the cup and the saucer work the remaining area in #15 beads with a single strand of  beading thread in a Milliner #11 needle stitch thru the bead twice.  The rim of the saucer is also beaded.  Top and bottom of the saucer is tent stitched in Neon Rays while the inside of the cup is tent in four strands of City Silk. 

To create depth for the plate in the background stitch this entire plate in tent in Neon Rays.