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Every once in awhile, I come across something fabulous, wonderful, can't live without it.  Happy to share with you:

Gingher scisssor repair and sharpening:

If you have spent the money for a wonderful pair of Gingher scissors it is important to maintain them properly.  We are fortunate to have a US company that will provide this service.  The cost for sharpening and repair for domestic US customers is $12.00 per pair.  It's a bargain.  You can send your precious scissors to:

Repair Department

Forvenson Corp.

322-D Edwardia Drive

Greensboro, NC.  27409

For more information and specific directions on how to send your scissors:http://www.gingher.com/pages/repair-and-maintenance/4/

2015 Book Club Mysteries of Needlepoint   http://www.amybunger.com/catalog/item/8713494/10138388.htm

This is a fabulous and informative brand new book about needlepoint from Amy Bunger.  The content is sent in monthly chapters. The explanations of all things needlepoint and the stitch graphs included are excellent.  Well written and fun to read-it's a must resource for your needlepoint library.