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Why Needlepoint...

What is it all about...this medium we call needlepoint?  Where did we start and what instant in our lives turned us on to needlepoint?  As I travel around the country and ask students what got them interested in this hobby, the replies always seem to narrow down to the same three answers:

  1. A friend or relative got them started at an early age.
  2. An exciting design or project enticed them into needlepoint.
  3. This medium was an evolution from another hobby or craft.

I have never heard, "I read a great needlepoint book and was so inspired and excited I ran out and registered for a class and just had to get into it at that moment".  We all have our reasons for starting, enjoying and staying with needlepoint. When do we start to excel at what gives us so much pleasure, therapy and escape?  Once we learn the stitches, yarns, designs and color the only place left for us to go is improving our technique.  Then we can start to understand and accept this medium as an art form and not just a craft.